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"Archaeology in Naples"


Archeologia a Napoli (Archaeology in Naples) is a project born with the aim of financing independent scientific research in the field of archaeology and cultural heritage.  Through self-financing and resources which have been available by private institutions, sponsorships and foreign research foundations, this initiative may be sustained.

The self-financing strategy is based on scientific divulgation, that is the breaking down and simplification of obscure or otherwise complicated concepts so that any and all audiences may benefit.

This divulgation occurs through books, documentaries and itineraries guided by scholars, structured in a way that is simple and accessible to all.

Cultural Tourism

Archaeology in Naples offers top quality itineraries for the discovery of the Bay of Naples through guided walks by experts who live and practice archaeology daily, with enjoyable strolls among the beauty of this extraordinary land.


We offer a vast array of services dedicated to the design, project management, implementation and development of the archaeological and cultural heritage and can ensure a service delivered to the highest standard.

  • Preventive Archaeology, Survey, landscape and urban archaeology
  • excavation
  • Archaeological assessments
  • Filing of sites and artifacts
  • Archaeological drawing and photogrammetry
  • Expertise 
  • Didactic (Courses, workshop, stages - lectures )
  • Disclosure (editorial  project)
  • Book editing (editing, iconographic research)
  • Official guide in Campania
  • Guide Turistiche autorizzate Regione Campania
Metro Toledo

Full Day Combined Tours:

Pompeian red tour:

Enjoy an in-depth experience of cities frozen in time by the Vesuvius, discovering the secrets of Pompeian painting with this special tour. The tour combines the Pompeii short tour (n°2) with the visit to the extraordinary Villa of Poppea at Oplontis or with the National Museum of Naples with special regard on the Pompeian fresco’s collection.

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Archeologia a Napoli. Servizi per l'Archeologia e per il Turismo culturale
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